What’s the Deal with the Wait-List?

Dr. DW here, with an update on the growth & future of Birchwood Family Medicine. We know that for many in NW Wi, it’s a scary time to be a patient. Rest assured, BWFM isn’t going anywhere. Anyone on this ride with me since 2021 knows that I’ve been “riding the 🚲 as I build it.” Each phase of growth transforms our practice but what stays the same is our mission to make careful, kind, evidence-based, affordable, whole-person medical care accessible to everyone in Northwest Wisconsin.

We were blessed with so many new members in December & January that we found ourselves a bit upside-down on staffing last month, having arrived in Phase 4 of BWFM’s development sooner than anticipated. Because of this, it’s taken longer than usual for members to be able to see, talk to or hear from me in 2024 – and we’re not ok with it. We are hiring, adjusting workflows & staffing up. I refuse to sacrifice the quality of care we deliver, so effect February 1st, I instructed my team to temporarily pause the enrollment of new members. My first priority is, and always will be our patient members. Once we are staffed & caught up, operations will return to their outstanding baseline and we will again be ready to add on new members. In fact, if you’ve suddenly found yourself in need of a PCP come April, now is a good time to join the waitlist!

In the meantime, interested prospective members are encouraged to review our website, esp. the FAQ’s. You are not charged anything to join the wait list. We will reach out to those who do secure spots on the list within 60 days – to schedule an orientation call. During this call, we will answer all of your questions & mutually decide whether to confirm your membership. You will not be charged unless/until your membership is confirmed. Once confirmed, your membership begins!

Phase 4 will bring new staff & new space. I have 164 memberships remaining, after which we will permanently move to a wait list unless & until we can bring on another Doctor, in a new (local) space. Our website & facebook page tells the story of where we’ve been. I hope this glimpse into where we’re going is helpful in your decision-making as you search for your new medical homes.

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