What’s the Deal with Essential Oils?!

At Birchwood Family Medicine, we are proud to offer Doterra Essential Oils as a natural alternative to Western medicine for certain medical conditions. Some of Dr. Dall-Winther’s favorites include:

1) Deep Blue, THE BEST topical pain cream out there! Members can try it out in clinic, and purchase treatment to take home as well.

2) Breathe is a great treatment for upper airway congestion. We carry Breathe respiratory drops/lozenges, essential oil & skin rub to open airways.

3) Digestzen & PB Assist for optimal digestive health.

4) Serenity softgels, essential oil for diffusion & skin rub to help induce sleep.

5) Personal care including natural toothpaste, deodorant, hand cream, sanitizer, diaper cream, lip balm, sunscreen & more!

6) Supplements – including phytoestrogens for menopause, turmeric for inflammation & joint pain, fiber for gut health, and more.

We are happy to place special Doterra orders for members.

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