All Memberships Include

  • Telemedicine: Unlimited access via phone, secure video, instant messaging, texting and email
  • Unlimited Physician Visits
  • Annual Wellness & Sports Physicals
  • Home Visits
  • Clinical Nutrition Programs & Cooking Classes
  • DOT Physicals
  • Discounted Lab Tests
  • Discounted Prescription Medications (including GLP-1 agonists for Obesity treatment.)
  • Discounted Imaging
  • Well Child & Newborn Checks
  • Acute Care
    (e.g. infections, injuries, rashes, tick bites, etc.)
  • Chronic Disease Management
    (e.g. diabetes, depression/anxiety, thyroid disease, high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney disease, asthma, etc.)
  • Prenatal Care through 28 weeks

4th Trimester Care




Wellness Management

Dr. Dall-Winther partners directly with you, caring for you and your baby within the comfort of your home. Typically, you will not have a postpartum visit with your physician for 6 weeks. In contrast, our 4th Trimester Care package includes 6 visits during which we will spend as much time as it takes to address each of your physical, emotional, and spiritual concerns such that you feel heard & fully supported.

Laceration repairs (i.e. stitches), peak flow testing, joint injections, skin biopsies, EKGs, skin lesion removals, nebulizer (albuterol) treatments, IUD, Nexplanon Management, Spirometry, Audiometry, and much more.

 Members who find today’s wellness revolution as overwhelming as we do are invited to participate in Whelmed. Whelmed uses SMART goal-setting to help you identify what changes you would like to make and what barriers you will need to overcome to live a balanced and meaningful life. Using a measurable biopsychosocial approach, our very own Rebecca Turzinski uses her Master’s Degree in Health & Wellness Management to meet members where they’re at. We are in it together ❤️


Age 0-17

(without Parent/Guardian Member)

Age 18 - 39



Age 40+



Service Member

(Active Duty or Veteran)



Age 0-17

(Child of Member)



18 - 25

(Dependent Child of Member)

Family Max Pricing

Couple:  $165/Month

Parent + 2 Kids:  $155/Month

Family of 4:  $225/Month

Cost Comparison

Most individuals do not realize how much they spend on their healthcare every year. Between deductibles, copays and monthly premiums, annual healthcare costs are close to $12,000 a year.  By joining Birchwood Family Medicine, you could save up to 50% off your healthcare spending.

Traditional insurance

Low-Cost Traditional/Catastrophic Plan Plus Birchwood Family Medicine

Healthshare plan plus Birchwood Family Medicine

Estimates above are the cost of primary care for one adult in Wisconsin and do not include insurance copays required in traditional plans, the cost of specialty or emergency care, and do not account for any no-deductible office visits sometimes offered by traditional insurance plans.

Birchwood vs. Neighboring Clinics



Same or next day visit



On time appointments



Easy text or virtual care



Discounted labs, meds, & imaging



More time spent with your doctor



Your doctor knows your name



Birchwood Family Medicine Test Pricing

Phlebotomy is performed in our office. The following is an example of some of our discounted test prices for patient members, compared with what a larger clinic would charge. This is not a complete list of our test offerings. If you have a question about a specific test, please call our office.

BWFM Patient Members


Care Cost

Basic Metabolic Panel



Complete Metabolic Panel



Complete Blood Count



Hemoglobin A1c (diabetes)



Cholesterol Panel



Thyroid Stimulating Hormone






Rapid Strep



Urine Pregnancy



Chest Xray









Abdominal Ultrasound



Birchwood Family Medicine Drug Pricing

Prices shown are for a three month supply of medication. Antibiotic prices are for a typical course of treatment. This is not a complete list of our pharmacy stock. If you do not see your medication(s) on this list and would like to know prices, please call our office.

BWFM Patient Members


Care Cost

Amlodipine #90



Augmentin #20



Buproprion XL #90



Cymbalta #90



Effexor ER 75mg



Gabapentin #90



Hydroxyzine #60



Lamisil #30



Levofloxacin #7



Losartan #90



Macrobid #10



Metformin #180



Metoprolol ER #90



Mirapex #90



Montelukast #90



Ofloxacin eye drops 5mL



Omeprazole #180



Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo #84



Penicillin #20



Pioglitazone #90



Plavix #90



Rizatriptan #12



Rosuvastatin #90



Sertraline #90



Trazodone #100



Valtrex #90



Zofran ODT 8mg #10







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