Open-Enrollment Season is here!

This open enrollment season, you may be (or know) an employer thinking about re-defining your workplace benefits. Especially if you’re coming off of years of rising premiums with increasingly questionable value, NOW is the time to make the switch! In 2024, you deserve to instead enjoy rising returns on your investment with increasingly visible improvements in the health & wellness of your team.
You can learn more about our employer sponsored patient memberships HERE. If time is limited, this 4 minute video is a great summary of how Direct Primary Care can be a game-changer:

Employer-Sponsored BWFM Membership

Overall benefits of providing our service to employees include, but are not limited to:
*A tangible benefit that is easily understood that they can use at any time. You’re giving them access to a personal Family Physician.
*In-person and virtual care allow for visits that don’t require employees to take time off to leave the area. With virtual visits, they may not even need to leave work!
*Access is unparalleled with same/next day appointments being commonplace and patients of the practice having 24/7 direct access to their physician.
*A separation between work and receiving care. No more fear of an employer looking at sensitive health information. Yet on the employer side, you have full access to:
data & reporting demonstrating utilization, employee satisfaction/well-being, cost savings, and more!
*Membership software that allows you to add & remove employees as they come and go.
*A way to keep people healthy and at work.
*An innovative way to competitively attract and retain talent.
*A transparent, easy-to-budget-for benefit that doesn’t increase in cost each year.

With the enrollment of just 5 employees, adult employees (and their spouses) receive unlimited medical care at BWFM for just $77/month/person. Employee dependents are enrolled for $33/month/person. Our standard membership offering is detailed in our Schedule of Services.

Generally speaking, everything that is done in clinic is included in membership, including unlimited physician visits, EKG testing, audiometry, many lab tests (e.g. urinalysis, strep testing, pregnancy, ESR, hemoglobin, INR, glucose, hemoccult), wellness coaching and procedures (e.g. stitches, mole/nail/skin tag removal, cryotherapy, ear washes).

Members also have access to incredibly low prices to testing & treatments using partnered vendors. For example, a fasting cholesterol panel & Hemoglobin A1c are each < $6. A pap smear with HPV testing is $52.80. Studies have shown that Direct Primary Care clinics like BWFM can take care of 80-90% of a person's medical needs/care. Plans are customizable. Some employers choose to cover this benefit entirely, where others cost-share with their employees. With clinic membership, you will see the total $ spent on healthcare, sick time & overall disease burden of staff drop significantly, not to mention the boost to talent acquisition/retention, staff satisfaction & overall company wellness. If you would like to set up a meeting to talk more about a custom membership plan for your team, please contact us today. We recommend checking out Self Fund Health as well, to learn more about their pioneering work in bringing the DPC movement to employers in Wisconsin! We encourage you to read our patient’s reviews on Google & Facebook and join us! You won’t regret it!

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