Live Well, Longer

Have y’all seen “Live to 100: Secrets from the Blue Zones” on Netflix? Doc has been talking about it non-stop since viewing it last month as it presents a scientific roadmap to live well, longer. You can now test your own vitality here!

Which of the “Power 9” surprise you?
A huge change for most of us around Birchwood, how can you can you start moving towards a more plant-based diet?

We love that of equal importance to what we eat & how we move is our spirituality, our sense of purpose and the energy of those we allow into our lives (hint: end toxic relationships). So many of the diseases we see every day at Birchwood Family Medicine have everything to do with the lack of these Power 9 in our lives.

How can YOU move closer to living a whole-hearted, healthy life?

Members, if you’re not sure, consider scheduling a Whelmed appointment (Spruce/call us for more information).
Not yet a member, but feeling lost? Join us here!

Dr. Dall-Winther has contacted the Blue Zones team to ask them to help us transform Birchwood – send your own message with your thoughts on why Birchwood deserves to be their next Blue Zone Project!

Not too far away, they’ve worked with Albert Lea, MN, another Midwestern city with high smoking rates and low activity levels. In short order, the work of the Blue Zones team combined with community leaders & volunteers allowed them to climb out of a health and economic crisis. Lifespans increased by nearly 3 years as a result of their work. In addition, Albert Lea realized:

1) $7.5 million in savings in annual health care costs for employers.
2) 2.9 years added to lifespans within one year of participating in the Blue Zones Project.
3) The Downtown Streetscape revitalization has increased private investment, tourism, and the tax base.

Transformative change happens one step at a time. Come walk with us!

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