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IV Infusion Therapy at
Florida Concierge Medicine & Wellness

IV Infusion Therapy is a safe and effective way to receive vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients directly into your bloodstream, making them instantly accessible by the body for use. At Florida Concierge Medicine & Wellness, come relax in a private room for your 45 minute treatment session with one of our providers.  You will leave feeling refreshed and energized as a result of our physician formulated therapies.

Benefits of IV Infusion Therapy include maintained hydration, improved vitamin absorption, increased energy levels, and helping you stay healthy.  Oral supplements only offer 30% absorption, compared to almost 100% absorption through IV therapy.  At FCMW we offer a wide variety of therapies, based on your specific needs.  Each visit includes a consultation with our licensed providers prior to your infusion to customize your treatment and meet your specific needs.  Join FCMW memberships for discounted pricing on IV Fusion therapy and IV infusion Lab set.

IV Infusion Therapy Drips

Energy Boost

Our mix of B-complex , B-12, and Vitamin C gives you just the kick you need when you are feeling low on ENERGY!!


Immune Boost

Our essential infusion of Vitamin C, zinc, Glutathione, B-complex, B-12 to help support your immune system during cold/flu season and beyond.


Hydration Therapy

A Normal Saline Hydration can be extremely beneficial when dehydrated from exercise or just needs extra fluids while getting over a recent illness.


“Hangover” Recovery

After a night out a cocktail of B-complex, Vitamin B-12, Toradol and Zofran is just what the doctor ordered to get you back as good as new!


Gastritis Therapy

An upset stomach or bout of diarrhea calls for our combination of Zofran and Pepcid to get yourself back on track!



We use our mix of Benadryl, Toradol and Reglan to help alleviate migraine symptoms and get you back to being productive and migraine free. This therapy requires screening prior to visit to screen for other causes of headache.


Workout Recovery

A special mix of amino acids, vitamins and minerals plus an intramuscular injection of MIC/cyanocobalamin designed for rapid recovery from your toughest workouts.  This infusion promotes continued fat burning, increased muscle growth and boosting exercise performance to crush your next visit to the gym!


Meyer's Cocktail

This therapy is a well-known traditional mix of essential vitamins and minerals created by Dr. Meyers in the 1960’s. It has since been found effective in helping to fight off many common illnesses such as upper respiratory infections, chronic pain/fatigue, and seasonal allergies to name a few. 


Monthly IV Infusion Program - Best Value

Sign up for your choice of 2 IV Therapies and 2 enhancer injectables/month. Package includes optional lab work every 60 days to track your progress.



**Excludes Workout Recovery** 

**Member Discounts Apply to all services**

**Please ask for our additional injectable products available in the office such as:
B12, B-Complex, and more**


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