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Birchwood Family Medicine provides primary medical care for patients of all ages, giving patients ready access to their own personal physician.



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Birchwood Family Medicine is taking the following precautions related to COVID-19:

Symptom screening before appointments, masks required for all patients and staff regardless of vaccine status, virtual appointments are preferred.

 COVID-19 vaccine administration is available to all individuals 5 and older, regardless of membership status. Vaccines are free. Pfizer, lower-dose Pfizer (ages 5-11), and Moderna are available. To book your vaccine appointment click here.

We now know that the lower-dose Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for kids ages 5-11 is both safe & effective such that we can protect our kids in this age range! Have questions about the vaccine for children? Check out this FAQ article and speak up if you have questions or concerns. FAQ 

Community-wide COVID-19 testing is available to all on a first-come, first-served basis and by appointment only, on Monday- Friday from 3:30-4:30pm. You can book your appointment here. If you are a member and do not see a preferred time, please message us and we will get you in. Additionally, we are happy to work you in if you are not finding the appointment time you need and you either:

– wish to join the practice the day of testing.

– are vaccinated.

– are needing testing to end quarantine & wanting a vaccination upon testing negative.

Additional test sites can be found by clicking here

Birchwood Family Medicine, Defined

Family Medicine is the center of primary care. Unlike other specialties that are limited to a particular organ or disease, family physicians are the only specialists qualified to treat most ailments and provide comprehensive health care for people of all ages — from newborns to seniors. At Birchwood Family Medicine, this looks like:

  • Caring for patients regardless of age or health condition, sustaining an enduring and trusting relationship
  • Understanding community-level factors and social determinants of health
  • Serving as a patient’s first contact for health concerns
  • Navigating the health care system with patients, including specialist and hospital care coordination and follow-up
  • Using data and technology to coordinate services and enhance care
  • Considering the impact of health on a patient’s family
Dr. Kristen Dall-Wintherr

As a Birchwood Family Medicine direct primary care patient, you forge a relationship with a doctor that knows you. No more scheduling months in advance; Dr. Dall-Winther is at your fingertips. If you need an in-person visit, you can usually book one the same or very next day. Dr. Dall-Winther will stay on top of your health by:

  • running preventative tests
  • diagnosing you when you’re sick
  • prescribing medicines (and often dispensing them to you herself at wholesale prices, saving you that extra trip to the pharmacy)
  • negotiating low prices on blood tests and scans
  • quickly addressing any health concerns or questions you have
  • coordinating your care with specialists and hospitals, as needed.

Regular access to a primary care physician has been associated with:

  • Lower infant mortality
  • Higher birth weights
  • Immunization rates above national standards
  • Lower overall health care costs
  • Longer, healthier lives

Passion for patients is what created Birchwood Family Medicine. Combine that with Dr. Dall-Winther’s deep knowledge of the human body and you’ve got a very unique, effective primary care clinic. “Industrial healthcare sees patients as a way to achieve business goals, resulting in accidental cruelty, burnout, and an absence of care,”
says Dr. Victor Montori of The Patient Revolution.

We are thrilled to be introducing careful, kind, evidence-based, affordable, whole-person medical care to Northwest Wisconsin. High-value care will be our standard, where value = (excellent health outcomes + safe care + happy patients) / cost.


What We Offer



Annual Wellness & Sports Physicals, Well Child & Newborn Checks
Acute Care (e.g. infections, injuries, rashes, tick bites, etc.)


Unlimited phone access, secure video visits, instant messaging, texting and email


Maternity Care

Dr. Dall-Winther partners directly with you, caring for you and your baby within the comfort of your home.


Chronic Disease ManagemenT

(e.g. diabetes, depression, asthma, thyroid/kidney/heart disease, etc.)


discounted medications



Age 0-17

(with Parent/Guardian Member)

Age 0-17

(without Parent/Guardian Member)

Age 18+




Discount $150 /Month

Family of 4

Family max $200/Month

Family of 5+

Family max  $250/Month


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