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A Direct Primary Care Employee Benefit

Employers embrace direct primary care because it is a tangible benefit that actually works, especially when compared to the alternatives. Employers are attracted to the idea of an independent physician who is compensated in a way that doesn’t just achieve business goals, but actually delivers quality care while lowering costs. Employers may choose to offer direct primary care as a complement to an existing group health insurance plan or bypass insurance companies altogether and pay for medical care directly.

Direct primary care physicians are incentivized to keep your teams healthy and productive.  And when your team is healthy and able to stay productive, your workforce gets stronger. The accessible, convenient, and affordable medical experience that Birchwood Family Medicine offers provides a strong tool for both talent recruitment and retention.

Birchwood Family Medicine DPC:

  • is compatible with PPO and HDHP plans as well as FSAs, HRAs & HSAs
  • can be fully employer funded, employee funded, or shared cost
  • is possible through employer-arranged payroll deduction or employee direct pay
  • is available at reduced (>12%) group monthly rates of $70/adult and $30/child when 5 or more employees are enrolled
  • offers extensive employee communication support

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