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Birchwood Family Medicine provides personal primary medical care for patients of all ages, giving patients direct access to their own personal physician.



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The Way Primary Care Was Meant To Be.

Build a relationship with a doctor that knows you. No more scheduling months in advance; Dr. Dall-Winther is at your fingertips. If you need an in-person visit, you can book one the same or very next day. Dr. Dall-Winther will stay on top of your health by:

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Who Is Dr. Dall-Winther ?

Family medicine is the center of primary care. Unlike other specialties that are limited to a particular organ or disease, family physicians are the only specialists qualified to treat most ailments and provide comprehensive health care for people of all ages — from newborns to seniors. At Birchwood Family Medicine, this looks like:

  • Caring for patients regardless of age or health condition, sustaining an enduring and building a trusting relationship
  • Serving as a patient’s first contact for health concerns
  • Navigating the health care system with patients, including specialist and hospital care coordination and follow-up
  • Considering the impact of health on a patient’s family
  • Running preventative tests
  • Diagnosing you when you’re sick
  • Prescribing medicines
  • Negotiating low prices on blood tests and scans
  • Addressing any health concerns or questions you have
  • Coordinating your care with specialists and hospitals, as needed
Dr. Kristen Dall-Wintherr

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What We Offer



Annual Wellness & Sports Physicals, Well Child & Newborn Checks
Acute Care (e.g. infections, injuries, rashes, tick bites, etc.)


Unlimited phone access, secure video visits, instant messaging, texting and email


Maternity Care

Dr. Dall-Winther partners directly with you, caring for you and your baby within the comfort of your home.


Chronic Disease ManagemenT

(e.g. diabetes, depression, asthma, thyroid/kidney/heart disease, etc.)


discounted medications




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